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sixpeopleaway EP

by sixpeopleaway

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Providence 04:57
She calls him "Wisconsin" like no other name would do, She never set out to strike this chord but still she proves, Whats wished in our silence speaks and sets the wheels to move, And words only stretch to reach between the two, Who know its all over before its begun, yet still I tried, To fight in a war thats already been won, A casualty of hope and pride, To turn and to run just speaks of petulant retreat, To stay and to fall undone with every skipping beat, Won't temper or cleanse this stain, through masochistic trials, So I seek out a safe refrain, and try to smile, But there's egg on my face and the laughter won't help To change my mind, Intent on deservedly saving myself the time and space, To look and find, (So I'll wait to go where the light won't show all the sights I've known and I can breathe...) So I'll wait on this Patiently and collected And I'll wait on this... One last time.
We're painting a puzzling scene in evergreen No tainted dimensions skewed or strayed From such tight held points of view, there's nothing new to hold up the "progress" being made For all that has been before, we pass down more If only just spoke not screamed out loud Words waiting like Christmas trees in January So soon the forgotten, standing proud So leave us on our own Deservedly deprived of all you've known We'll piece the parts one day As if we'd realise any other way All actions so set in stone, build walls alone Not bridges or paths to join and bind Seems we could trade peace of mind and save some time Get cursing ourselves for being so blind So leave us on our own Deservedly deprived of all you've known We'll piece the parts one day As if we'd realise any other way Kick when we're down it renders A clearer thought remembered If only fearful of reprise At least that's what we're pretending We're lucky if we're less surprised We're counting on roads to lead to what we need But look past your shoulder one last time You might just see a spark A glowing ember fading in the dark One look before its gone is all you need to keep you marching on...
You stole me from somewhere I've never seen, A place without borders with no signs, Intractible soil lays out at my feet, Still you're ploughing new furrows in straight lines, But now I'm scared to follow for fear I'll seem hollow or shallow, devoid of all decent desires, But have faith in this innocence, despite my resilience I can't take you thinking that I could be anything, less than completely sincere... A gulf of decision, a step too far, but now closer than breathing here you are, But its proximity only theres no bonds, no ties, just a flicker of future in your eyes, As my skins turning cold though this sentiments old its as true as the light that shines on from afar, I'll endure any element, hellish or heaven sent, spending each second wherever you are if you want me to be here... But whats longing or hoping or simple denial and what risk has no compliment borne out of fear? Best a concious decision to kill every smile than accepting you now have to hide every tear... And if I never and ask then you never tell and we both walk with no awkward or lingering doubts hopes or fears and its all just as well cos I know if i say what I think, what I'm wondering, I'll stay wondering...
I'm closer where you are, to finding all the answers, coming faster So near and yet so far, displaced by awe, entranced here, trying to steer, Our words a certain way, to force reseolve and ask you, whether you do, Still recognise the lines and all the words between them, and what they meant, They ache with cracks that spread and break, they falter and they fall through the air, But would they sway if only you'd been made aware? I'm not a friend of ease but I'll dance these circles gladly, thought they have me, Speaking simple pleas, a superstitious stalling, never calling, Straight out for what I need, seems selfish and deluded, I ridiculed it, I wrote it off as passing haze and knew I'd soon see clearly, but it never hit me... That we all get driven by the call and questions aren't always in vain, Still logic drives us backwards all the same. I never believed until I saw, That even when we concede we still draw, These lines in the sand they're too hard to cross, Quiet but true...


Our debut EP. It was first kicking around at gigs and such in some form from around 2006 but finally got an "official" release in summer of 2007.

The whole thing was recorded in one room with one microphone.


released July 31, 2007

All tracks written, performed, recorded, produced and mastered by sixpeopleaway.


all rights reserved



sixpeopleaway Glasgow

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